On this page their is a bunh of quake2 stuff. i have mad e som quake2 maps that are pretty kewl for a 1ts attemp. im gonmna make sum quake 1 and thre maps soom but seaing is as i play quake 2 the mist i kno what makes a god deathmatch experiece. here are my maps

MaD BoMmE|2 - My Fist quake2 map that i made, its pretty dam kiool and has som net triks
D-U-C-K-iT-A-N - A prety kool map, its likee your abord a spaees ship and hav to fight or somfin like that
STARGATE - A kiill kap that has a stargate, jump thru it and get a kiil re\/\/rd!
WaTeRWORlD - A mAp I hAd bEan woRking of for a wHIle, nufFin sPeCiAl BuT OK
ClYP - My GrAtEsT MpA EvErrr!!
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OkeydokErIEY, WeRd UP MAN NiGerEnieNerienEreniezas, mEhwaNgdo HveE Bean ouTaHerna ParteeeAnyaNg so YER!@!!!#@!!! I wiLEL GeiT WHuRlCrapfT wErKAn AnBe MaKeInGaarDGN MAPPERFUKJINGZZZ.. LOOUK OUTAHAH@!!N!!!#^(HI!NN$KN!K!

OK! I HAV NOt bEan plAyiNG QuaEk2/3/1/4 cuZZ OF EAVRQueSt! iT RoXorZ aN i Hav A lebel >bu>FIDDY!!bu nEkrOmaNzEr!!hE OWnEz N' stUff. I wiLL mAeK mor mapperZ whAn i gIt maH WAzerZ coPEY oV QuAeK 1 AN 2 AN TREE and PHOUR!! xPekt SoM Le33t MappErZ two CUm ouTa Mi HaNds aNd Phinger§ (<-- seE thAR?T?0 HoLeD TITE!!

AfRar 20 miNots oF FU

FuXKInG HEaL!! i KanRT pUT maH linK tOo My eV4QueST sit!! noe I haVe cenTreD thEA WoholE paEG!! ARGH!!TE$#@@!@#

Keoe DoKeEEE, i, and I ALONE!!! f][X0|3ed tHE lyNk t0() m4h C1IP MaP. Noe j000 Can Enjoy iT!!!!!@$!@!!!!

Okay! I hAve mADe My GratEsT QuAke MaP eVA!!! It rOOlZ aNd StUfF!!

YaY I Hav fiNishD mY WatErWoLd MaP aNd am iN thE ProGreSS oF MacKiNg nY 5Th mAP!!! It WilL be my BestESt onE YeT!! iT ShUd B uP ToMORoW!!!

Ok Im MaCkIng mY NeUU MaP CaLlEd WatEr WorLd, Or CliP WoRlDD, I DuNt Kno Yet BuT OneCe I MaEk It ThaN I Kan PouT It Up Hear FoR You GuyZ To PLaEy On. It Wil BE Up SooMiSh!!

IvE AddEd A nEws SECtIION toDay Cus iM a L34T Du0De!,, Im Maeing A NEw MaP, I DunT Kno What i wILl cAll It yEt TOh. It Wil B Up whEn iThaS Bean MaEd OK? So Thayt ShUd BE TOmOrOW Or SumfInK LiEk That, Ok Hand TiTe!!

Ok I HaVe GoT WoRKLDcRaFt InStaLed And Am In The PrOgReSS Of MaCkInG Som MoR MapS FeR QuAkE OnE AnD TwO. HaYnG In ThEiR!